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Business registration consultancy

In accordance with the enterprise law of Vietnam, foreign investors choose to establish an enterprise under one of the following types: single member limited liability company or two or more members, joint stock company, parnership.

Based on information and needs from customers, Ami Law Firm will provide comprehensive, clear and understandable advice for Customers to choose the right type of business. Consulting contents include:

* Consulting on start-up issues:

– Consulting on choosing the type of business, establishing a business

– Consulting and editing business lines

– Advising on the charter capital and capital contribution structure

– Consulting on the executive and internal management apparatus

* Consulting on organization and reorganizing enterprise:

– Changing the content of business registration

– Splitting and merging enterprises

– Conversion of business type

– Transferring, trading shares

– Consulting on constructing and managing the business

– Legal advice on certificates and business licenses.

In addition, Ami Law Firm also advises and supports Customers to perform the post-licensing procedures such as registration of seal sample, business registration announcement, business suspension procedure, dissolution of the enterprise, procedures for establishing branch, representative office and business location, operating and business licensing procedures (travel business license, establishment of a language/informatics center,…) and other procedures prescribed by Vietnam laws.

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