According to Circular No. 24/2023/TT-BCA stipulating the issuance, and revocation of registration of license plates of vehicles which will take effect from 15/08/2023, motorbikes and automobiles will be granted license plates in accordance with the identifier code of the owner. The main content of this Circular includes the following new points:

  1. What is the identity license plate?

The vehicle’s license plate which is granted and managed under the identifier code of the owner is referred to as an identity license plate, specified as follow: if the owner is Vietnamese, his/her vehicle’s license plate is managed according to his/her citizen ID card number; if the owner is a foreigner, his/her vehicle’s license plate is managed according to his/her foreign ID card number; if the owner is an organization, its vehicle’s license plate is managed according to its organization identification number or tax code or the number of decision on establishment.

Different from regulations in the past, each license plate was issued for each vehicle; currently, each identity license plate is issued for each owner. It is also known as “each person has his/her own plate”. If a person owns many vehicles, each vehicle is granted a license plate, these license plates are managed in accordance with the identifier code of the owner. In case the vehicle comes with its expiration dates, is broken, or is transferred ownership, its license plate will be collected. After that, the collected license plate will be re-granted when its owner registers for another other vehicle.

2. To declare the registration for the vehicle on the Public service portal before taking the vehicle to the Vehicle registration office

Currently, according to regulations of Circular No. 24/2023/ND-CP, at the first step of the vehicle registration procedure, the Owner is obligated to sign in to the Public service portal, declare, and digitally sign on the vehicle application. Then, the owner will receive the code of the online vehicle registration dossier and the appointment for application settlement via email or messages to perform the vehicle registration procedure. After that, based on the appointment schedule received, the owner drives the vehicle to the vehicle registration office as prescribed in Article 4 Circular, provides the code of the online registration application, do sign the vehicle registration form if the Owner has no digital signature and files documents in accordance with regulation.

3. To be allowed to register for vehicles in the temporary residence

As per the former regulations (at Article 3 Circular 58/2020/TT-BCA) vehicle registration is only conducted at the permanent residence of the owner. However, in accordance with new provisions of this Circular, individuals and organizations are allowed to register for vehicles in the residence or the location of the office. It means that the Owner who is an individual has the right to execute the vehicle registration at both permanent residence and temporary residence.

4. The transfer of the license plate’s ownership

Under the old regulations, the vehicle ownership transfer is enclosed to the vehicle license plate’s ownership transfer. However, from 15/8/2023, according to Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA, the vehicle registration office will revoke the identity license plate when transferring vehicle’s ownership. After that, the Vehicle registration office will re-grant it when the owner registers to other vehicles.

The license plate of the winning auction automobile is allowed to transfer the vehicle’s ownership attached to the winning auction license plate. However, it is not allowed to transfer separately the ownership’s license plate.

5. Form of vehicle’s license plate

Each vehicle’s license plate includes 05 digits. The license plate containing 03 digits or 04 digits has to change to a 05-digit license plate per regulations when replacing or re-issuing the license plate.

According to the new stipulations, automobiles will be fitted with 02 license plates: 01 short-size one and 01 long-size one.

6. Enforcement

According to regulations of Circular No. 24/2023/TT-BCA, from 15/08/2023, the owner who performs vehicle registration will be granted the identity license plate in accordance with regulations.

The vehicle license plates which were granted before 15/08/2023 will be prescribed as follows:

The vehicle plate that has been registered in the form of a 5-digit plate before August 15, 2023, but has not been revoked will be determined as the identity license plate of the Owner. Which one that has been put into the revocation procedure by the Owner before August 15, 2023 will be transferred to the warehouse for issuing the license plate as prescribed. Accordingly, for a non-owned vehicle that has been registered with a 5-license plate, this plate is the identity license plate of the person whose name is on the vehicle’s certificates, not the identity plate of the person who is using the vehicle.

The vehicle that has been registered with a 3-digit plate or a 4-digit plate is allowed to continue to use. However, if the owner wants to change to the identity license plate or when the owner does procedures of renewal of vehicle registration certificate and license plate, re-issuance of vehicle registration certificate and license plate, registration for ownership transfer as instructed in Circular No.24/2023/TT-BCA, the competent agencies shall collect 3-digit and 4-digit license plates and replace them by the identity license plates. Accordingly, the vehicle that has been registered with a 3-digit plate or a 4-digit plate will continue to be used without identification.

In conclusion, according to this Circular, from 15/08/2023, vehicles will be granted identity license plates, and new regulations have been issued to support vehicle management. This is an innovation of vehicle and license plate management activities of competent agencies. The Partners and clients need to note to comply with Law stipulations to protect your legal rights and obligations effectively.

Above is the legal news regarding the identity license plate that AMI wants to inform the Client. AMI hopes that the legal news is useful for Client in the process of using, issuing, replacing the identity license plate according to law regulations.


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